The Prosperity Game

from All in This Together by Conor Ryan Hennessy



Come all you good people and criminal types
A love for one's station is a love had unwise
It stymies all courage with the speed of a flame
and makes us all part of the prosperity game

The names of our people are older than sin
Some came here for fortune, escaped by their skin
Still others were brought here through torture and chain
And made to be part of the prosperity game

Sure as hell there's been boom times since '76 (1776)
Far away from fore fathers, clutch dollars in fists
Except for the working class, it's always the same
Conscripted and burdened with prosperity games

My brothers and sisters have long been half free
Hospital bill's due and nothing to eat
There's people all over, their statements the same
"I wonder who prospers with prosperity games?"

There's wealth all around you, good luck grabbing hold
Gambling's for rich folks, who afford to be bold
I've heard of their fortunes, and I think of Tom Payne
Who watched all the kings play prosperity games

Now there's a wonder why people break peace
Why the broken demand for a payable lease
When wages run stagnant, damn looting's retained
A farcical protest to prosperity games

Then what now come tell me what is there to do?
I'm not the best source, sir, between me and you
There's a bottle for most things, that's what they all say
Someday we'll find one for prosperity games


from All in This Together, released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Conor Ryan Hennessy Boston, Massachusetts

Songwriter. Brighton, MA.

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