I've met men who'd fish for fish and smash em on the rocks
That way they wouldn't fuss so much when stacked like little logs
Their cigarettes were folded up into their shirt sleeves
And told nasty jokes they'd never tell unless to you or me

Well I've also met the gamblers who in old age turn to bust
who's stories told have little chance and always best of luck
Yeah, wagers made on anything - pinball without the flippers
Rabbis, priests, Imam's and queens, kings and heavy lifters

So imagine then to my surprise the questions that I hear
Like don't you know drinkings bad? is there gluten in this beer?
And I like to think despite my ways I always show restraint
Until fortune failed I do declare and a grave mistake was made

You see this one time down in Brighton well I played a little show
And I sang about the things I sing to people I didn't know
And those people they were all the things I tried to rail against
Y'know money-having students who somehow don't pay for rent

So I did the only thing I could do to pass the time
And I drank a lot of wine and tried to fabricate a smile
And I nodded at their nothings, and laughed at boring jests
But you see this got boring quick, and what happened followed next

See a gal said I looked Irish, and her father was a cop
I told her I was Chinese and I liked to kick small dogs
And she said I was a bigot and I smartly said, nuh-uh
And her boyfriend took a swing at me, but not before I ducked

So he punched a gal in high heel boots who's balance was undone
And she tried to break her fall by grabbing onto a man-bun
But the man-bun had an owner and that owner was holding hands
with the gal who mistook this old boy for a well behaving man

And so then I had bolt now with only my guitar,
and I rambled around market street and I found a little bar
And some people screaming funny things they offered me a drink
And they told me how they ended up despite some other things

Well the moral of this story if there really could be one
Is life can sure be easy if you always hold your tongue
But if you like a 10 day drunk over a life of ease
You'll always have a good old friend in Conor Hennessy


from All in This Together, released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Conor Ryan Hennessy Boston, Massachusetts

Songwriter. Brighton, MA.

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