January 6th, 2021

from All in This Together by Conor Ryan Hennessy



Mr. Donald Trump got confused about the vote
He said "If I can't win, then I'll try to revoke hope"
In Washington, in Washington

He'd been tweeting all day morning, evening, noon and night
With them tiny thumbs, he spewed a unique spite
In Washington, in Washington

Oh, and evil is a weird thing, we don't know when it comes
But a horde of working people got some in them from his thumbs
In Washington, in Washington

They climbed the White House fences, scattered up them palisades
The same people who thought a wall to keep out Mexicans was sane
In Washington, Washington

I remember Black Lives Matter was confronted by the Guard
These Qanon believers got to party on the lawn
In Washington, in Washington

All around the country, good people had to watch
The tyranny of few make sure America got lost
In Washington, in Washington

I wonder what he thought when the first window was smashed?
Did Trump know he was culpable or did he say "at last"?
In Washington, in Washington

Senators from both sides blamed the others for the mess
Smiling as they did so knowing six figures they'd collect
In Washington, in Washington

Sure Donald Trump is leaving wealthy lefties celebrate
But My friends still can't pay bills in every county, town and state
'Cept Washington, 'cept Washington

Gunna tell you people, before you cash your checks
"Make America Great Again" means "Buy America Next"
In Washington, in Washington


from All in This Together, released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Conor Ryan Hennessy Boston, Massachusetts

Songwriter. Brighton, MA.

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