I Wanna Do Good

from All in This Together by Conor Ryan Hennessy



The other night I felt like a dying
And it wasn't so good,
No it wasn't so good
So I told myself I'd try to start a trying
all the good things I thought I probably could

Well I got real humble and acknowledged my mistakes
Tried charming people, and was generous with praise
I talked to strangers, and remembered all their names
I'm still angry, but I'm better every day

The other night, I dumped out the white lighting
Wasn't doing me good, wasn't doing me good
I still sip some but for once it doesn't make me frightening
And that's something I never thought I really could

Tried reading good books, not the good-book, just good books
started thinking bout purpose, on purpose not for looks
Found hope in good words its not as crazy as it sounds
it's as crazy as they look when written down

Today I made the grade, despite this old face
For once it felt good, for once it felt good
My crooked teeth and me just a keep on smiling
Even though I know sometimes I might get looks

From down-and-outers, they're my people all the same
From out-of-towners, different cities, in-different states
Who the hell knows whats the reason we're all here
Just relax kid, and we'll get ourselves a beer

I hope I still have hope right till I'm long gone
I wanna do good, I wanna do good
'Till then my friend we'll just have to get along some
And I got a real good feeling we can make it work


from All in This Together, released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Conor Ryan Hennessy Boston, Massachusetts

Songwriter. Brighton, MA.

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