All in This Together

from All in This Together by Conor Ryan Hennessy



Oh and whats a kid to do when confronted with delusions
of people hoarding paper, who love the age old ruses
Why do broke folks drink too much, why do they hate their jobs
Hell, If only they worked harder, never mind they're too far gone

Cause we're all in this together, except the some of us who aren't
From the bays of San Fransisco to the Mountains of Vermont
Their condo's killed our houses, now they're driving German cars
And we're all in this together, except the some of us who aren't

Many a man can say they've done no harm, except unto themselves
Many a man does work his hardest through life's aches, and pains and spells
Sure it's rare to find a man that thinks he's above both you and me
Except in religion, business, politics and the trooper down the street

I've noticed brothers, sisters, who vote against themselves
as if their only purpose was to propagate fresh hells
and still they get abused, as aristocracy maintains
all the benefactors wink, and joke: "Hey, we're all the same"

Well I do love this country, and it's patriotic fables
Massachusetts is my home from North Adams out to Haverhill
Anecdotally, I'm totally convinced that all our States
are run by money grubbing psychopaths who claim they're men of faith

Now's not the time for losing faith, I at least have hope
For the people I see every day, most of em good folks
I'm just a little tired of those faces on the screens
Trying to influence good people to believe in cruddy things


from All in This Together, released March 19, 2021


all rights reserved



Conor Ryan Hennessy Boston, Massachusetts

Songwriter. Brighton, MA.

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